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  • Unique

    "Fantastically different and fun to fiddle with."

  • Captivating

    "I’ve been sitting looking at this thing for hours. It blows my mind."

  • Timeless

    "This stuff is really amazing. It’s the most architectural crystal you’ll ever see."

The Science

Maglev sculptures showcase the intersection of art and the unique properties of bismuth, one of the Earth's scarcest elements, utilized for its exceptional diamagnetic quality. This property allows bismuth to repel both poles of a magnet, enabling the suspension of small magnets in mid-air indefinitely without any power source. By strategically placing a top magnet to attract and a bottom bismuth crystal to repel, the sculpture creates a delicate balance where the magnet levitates, achieving a captivating display of physics and craftsmanship. This process highlights the ability to harness bismuth's most diamagnetic element status, resulting in an elegant and unique maglev sculpture that defies gravity.

The Artist

I'm an artist in rural KY who loves science, or rather scientific phenomena. I can only take the organization required for actual science in small doses. Sculpting with electronics, painting with a potato cannon and making marvels with metal bismuth crystals are a few of the ways I blend my two passions. I get a charge out of teaching my children too, which is how I got started with the bismuth crystals.

My son and I decided to make a collection of the elements. We gathered as many as we could find from commercial items. It's amazing to see how everything in our sophisticated civilization is made up from the same basic building blocks, atoms. Bismuth, element 83, was a show stopper. Everything you see in my shop is a result of my never-ending fascination with this magical element.