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"Monolith" Vertical Bismuth Maglev Sculpture

"Monolith" Vertical Bismuth Maglev Sculpture

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"Monolith" showcases the unique levitation capabilities of diamagnetic bismuth, suspending a magnet in mid-air without any contact or power source. By balancing bismuth crystals and magnets, a 5 mm cube or sphere magnet hovers effortlessly. Crafted from a solid bismuth ingot, this piece highlights the stunning, natural structure of bismuth with no added colors or constructions. Standing about 8 inches tall, including the crown magnet, this piece offers an engaging display of art and science.

Setup is straightforward: place the sculpture on a semi-level surface and position the magnet between the crystals. Adjust the crown magnet at the top as needed to achieve perfect levitation.


  • Base: 4" x 4"
  • Total Height: Approximately 9"


  1. A sculpture similar to the images shown.
  2. A crown magnet.
  3. Levitation magnets: Two 4 mm and two 3 mm cube magnets, a 5 mm disc magnet, and a 3 mm cylinder magnet.

Inspired by the periodic table of elements and childhood experiments with magnets, this sculpture leverages bismuth's diamagnetism—repelling both poles of a magnet—to create a captivating visual effect. The arrangement allows the magnet to rise without touching the bismuth or being drawn too high, ensuring stability and an extra lift.

Safety Notice:

  • Handle with care; neodymium magnets pose choking hazards and can impact medical devices like pacemakers.

Guarantee: Purchase with confidence. Return within 30 days for a full refund if not completely satisfied. For questions, contact me, Ernie, the shop owner.


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