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"Sentinel" - Bismuth Diamagnetism Display

"Sentinel" - Bismuth Diamagnetism Display

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Gravity is overrated. I created this little oasis where a magnet can permanently escape the oppression of our massive planet's force without leaving its atmosphere. This unique bismuth maglev is a working permanent levitation model that requires no electricity - ever. In this little device I have capitalized on the little known force of diamagnetism, and it is truly amazing.

Prepare to captivate your guests and shift the conversation in your home or office with this mesmerizing, gravity-defying spectacle. Harnessing the power of kinetic energy and the fascinating principles of physics, this ingenious creation employs strategically placed magnets to achieve its awe-inspiring effect.


  • Measures approximately 6.5" tall and 3/4" square.

Set Up:

  1. Place the sculpture on a stable, flat surface.
  2. Gently position the magnet in the center of the device.
  3. Turn the crown magnet as needed to achieve perfect levitation.


  1. A sculpture similar to the images shown.
  2. A crown magnet.
  3. Magnets for floating:
    Two- 3mm cubes
    Two - 4mm cubes
    One- 3mm sphere
    (Extra magnets are available for purchase.)

Satisfaction Guarantee: If our Maglevs don't fully capture your imagination, return them within 30 days for a full refund. Have questions or need guidance? I'm Ernie, contact me at EMAIL so that I can ensure your experience with our sculptures is as mesmerizing as the art itself.

Custom Orders: We love custom orders! Have something in mind and want us to design it for you? That’s one of our favorite things to do. Simply send along a message and let’s get your ideas made!

Safety Note: Magnets require careful handling, especially around children and electronic medical devices due to strong magnetic fields.

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