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"The Alchemist" - Hand-sculpted Maglev Sculpture

"The Alchemist" - Hand-sculpted Maglev Sculpture

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Socrates is one of my heroes. He said, "The beginning of wisdom is the defining of terms," so let's begin by defining diamagnetism. Diamagnetic things repel all magnetic fields. North Pole, South Pole, it doesn't matter. It's a very weak effect and is barely detectable in most elements or molecules that possess this trait. Bismuth happens to be the most diamagnetic metal there is. A pair of bismuth crystals properly arranged in conjunction with a pair of magnets can reveal the force at work.

That's what we have here. I carefully sculpted the figure you see in the pictures and hand cast it in solid bismuth. The magnet you see floating between his hands will stay there touching nothing for a lifetime. It's absolutely riveting! For the science aficionados, and those who love them, this modern bismuth metal sculpture is the perfect blending of art, chemistry and physics — a truly unique gift they'll always treasure.


Sculpture measures approximately 10” tall and 5” in diameter

Set Up:

  1. Place the sculpture on a stable, flat surface.
  2. Gently position the magnet in the center of the device.
  3. Turn the crown magnet as needed to achieve perfect levitation.

What's Included:

  • Made-to-order sculpture identical to one pictured
  • Walnut stand (choose wood, clear or acrylic posts)
  • For floating:
        Four - Spare cube magnets
        Extra and replacement magnets are always available.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If our Maglevs don't fully capture your imagination, return them within 30 days for a full refund. Have questions or need guidance? I'm Ernie, contact me at EMAIL so that I can ensure your experience with our sculptures is as mesmerizing as the art itself.

Safety Note: Magnets require careful handling, especially around children and electronic medical devices due to strong magnetic fields.

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