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"Aztec Ascension" - Horizontal Maglev Pyramid Sculpture

"Aztec Ascension" - Horizontal Maglev Pyramid Sculpture

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Elevate your space with the mesmerizing Bismuth Crystal Magnetic Levitation Sculpture, a perfect fusion of art and science. This captivating display features a magnet gracefully floating at the apex of an Aztec pyramid, untethered and touching nothing but air. The seemingly impossible feat is achieved through the diamagnetic properties of solid bismuth, which repels both the north and south poles of a magnet with equal force. The base of this pyramid houses a carefully arranged array of magnets, creating a precise magnetic field that interacts with the bismuth's diamagnetism, resulting in a delicate equilibrium that allows the small magnet to hover effortlessly within a small pocket of stability.

This stunning sculpture is not only a conversation starter but also a testament to the power of scientific understanding and a celebration of the natural world's hidden wonders. Whether you're a science enthusiast, an art lover, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of innovative design, this Bismuth Crystal Magnetic Levitation Sculpture is the perfect addition to your collection. Bring a touch of magic and intrigue to your space with this awe-inspiring display that will captivate and inspire all who behold it.


Combined base and crystals measures 4"x12"x2". 

Set Up:

  1. Place the sculpture on a stable, flat surface.
  2. Gently position the magnet in the center of the device.
  3. Adjust the Bismuth ingots as needed to achieve perfect levitation.

What's Included:

  • A pyramid crystal as shown in the photos
  • A magnetic array on a ceramic platform
  • For floating -
    Four - 3 mm cube magnets
    One - 3 mm sphere magnet
    Extra and replacement magnets are always available.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If our Maglevs don't fully capture your imagination, return them within 30 days for a full refund. Have questions or need guidance? I'm Ernie, contact me at EMAIL so that I can ensure your experience with our sculptures is as mesmerizing as the art itself.

Safety Note: Magnets require careful handling, especially around children and electronic medical devices due to strong magnetic fields.

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