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"Bull and Bear" - Hand-Sculpted Maglev Art

"Bull and Bear" - Hand-Sculpted Maglev Art

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The economy mirrors life itself, ever-evolving and responding to the world around it, its essence hovering between uncertainty and hope.

The "Bull and Bear" kinetic sculpture captures this dynamic interplay using the world's most powerful magnets to create a spectacle of levitation. Engineered with precision, it balances diamagnetism against gravity to achieve a spellbinding effect of a magnet floating in air, free from any contact. It’s a piece that celebrates the beauty of physics, remaining suspended for generations to come.

Set Up:

  • Place the sculpture on a stable, flat surface.
  • Gently position the magnet in the center of the device.
  • Adjust the Bismuth sculptures as needed to achieve perfect levitation.

What's Included:

  1. Bull and Bear sculptures, original works by Ernie McElhannon
  2. Oak base with built in rare earth magnetic array (larger magnets might vary slightly from photo depending on what is currently available with supply chain issues)
  3. 8 variously shaped and sized magnets for floating.


  • 10" x 4.5" x 3"

Satisfaction Guarantee:

  • If our Maglevs don't fully capture your imagination, return it within 30 days for a full refund. Questions or need guidance? I'm Ernie, send me an email at EMAIL so that I can ensure your experience with our sculptures is as mesmerizing as the art itself.

Safety Note:

  • Magnets require careful handling, especially around children and electronic medical devices due to strong magnetic fields.


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